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      About Us

      —— About ——

      Wuxi Oriental Machinery Factory Co., LTD is a special plant designed and manufactured steel leveling equipment. Since 1992, it has designed and manufactured 4x1600 leveling machine set for China No. 2 Automobile, through nearly 25 years' development, the plant has established design and manufacturing ability of series products of leveling equipment. At present, it has more than 100 kinds of products with different specifications from thin plate to thick plate, from steel plate to color plate and composite plate leveling. To satisfy various needs for different customers. The "Dongfang" brand has enjoyed good credit and higher reputation in the trade after making much of efforts. The product has been found everywhere in domestic and exported to many countries such as Vietnam, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Jordan etc. The plant has passed the certificate of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Our plant is one of earlier plants developing various new products in leveling equipment manufacturing industry. We have ability to provide qualified product with high quality for customer. Our plant persists in such operation tenet "start in the need of user, end with the satisfaction of user". We would like to make sincere cooperation with our clients through our creditable services to strive for a bigger magnificence in our business.
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